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  • "Hug Me Mumma" Weds 31st July 2013

    Again, like yesterday, those three words above sum up our day. D was very upset this morning about something which I blogged and I've replicated it below: If I take a picture of D, you can more-or-less guarantee it will include Bunny. Bunny is her calming... Read more

  • "5 Favourite Blogs" #BlogADayJuly

    July 31st and the last day of my blogging prompts. A little *yay* because although I've enjoyed reaching into memories and thinking about the prompts, it's been time-consuming and I'm conscious that there have been a lot of posts, thank you if you've... Read more

  • "Spaghetti with the Yeti" #BookwormWednesday

    We like books, in fact we love books. I always enjoy featuring a book in my "Bookworm Wednesday" slot. Today's featured book is one that's being released in August, we were sent it as a "thank you" for featuring an app on the website, so it was nice to... Read more

  • Bunny and "becoming an adult"

    If I take a picture of D, you can more-or-less guarantee it will include Bunny. Bunny is her calming tool, her anxiety reliever. Bunny goes everywhere with her, wherever we go that little hand-held Bunnster will come along too. If she's drawing, then... Read more

  • Raindrops and Refusals Tues 30th July 2013

    Those three words would sum up our day for sure. My children are happiest in their own environment, they have the bits and pieces around them that both calm and energise them. For D, it's simple. Bunny, pens, paper and her ipad. The pens and paper are... Read more

  • "Most Treasured Memory" #BlogADayJuly

    I've been revisiting a lot of memories for July's blogging prompts, some good, some not so good. My most treasured memory is a series of memories, that carried on through three successful pregnancies (I had two unsuccessful ones). The thing I found most... Read more

  • A definite Monday! 29th July 2013

    This morning started with a meltdown, not an ideal start to the week but in retrospect the timing was good, it got the meltdown - which had been brewing - out of the way before the two deliveries (which we weren't expecting arrived). Poor D, she was so... Read more

  • Royal Baby In Our Sights - Optical Express

    Optical Express have asked me to share the attached information following the arrival of Prince George last week, it contains some interesting facts which I thought well worth sharing. Following the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis to the Royal... Read more

  • "What Are You Afraid Of?" #BlogADayJuly

    I met Hubbie through a fear, a fear of heights. I was living in a little two-bed terrace and couldn't go up a ladder to paint the outside of the house. I had the colour all sorted out, a sort-of cornflower blue and managed to do the bottom half but when... Read more

  • "Fields of Gold" by Sting #MusicMonday

    I've always loved this song, the combination of Sting's husky vocals and the instrumentals make it a wonderfully relaxing but thought-provoking song. I'd never seen the video until last weekend, the tones and atmosphere complement the song perfectly.... Read more