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  • The wrong side of the road... Mon 30th Sept 2013

    Oh goodness, in D's eyes I have got so much wrong today but (ssssh) I seem to have been forgiven. My children thrive on routine and knowing what is happening and exactly when, a Mumma who tries to throw a bit of change into the mix...silly woman, hasn't... Read more

  • This Is Me

    I've realised something over the years: 1. I don't like having my photo taken and, 2. As a consequence I'm hardly in any, primarily for the reason above and the fact I take the majority of them. I moved my website over to Overblog in July and last week... Read more

  • Bouncing It Out Sun 29th Sept 2013

    Sunday and it should be a day to recharge batteries. Sunday means homework. T seems to have more homework and of a longer duration this school year. It's understandable, he's in year 6, SATs need to be prepared for and those - and his school work - will... Read more

  • Matching the tiles with Square Up! Product Review

    One of the challenges I face as parent to two autistic children is getting them away from tablets and consoles and participating in game-play. If the game encourages interaction, turn taking and creativity, then so much the better. We've been looking... Read more

  • Silent Sunday

    Read more

  • Trying to read the scale Sat 28th Sept 2013

    I mentioned in last night's blog a book we'd been recommended by CAMHS - http://amazon.co.uk/dp/1937473074 - apparently it will help us understand ways in which T and D will be able to control their emotions, using the strategies recommended. We likened... Read more

  • Just who approved this? That Asda costume and similar..

    Like most people, I was shocked to see the fancy dress costume being sold on Asda's website as a "fun" item. I say "most people" because there were tweets asking what was wrong with it, why was it offensive and likening the costume to something a friend... Read more

  • The Chair In The Deep Dark Woods #CountryKids

    There is a short cut I use to get to D's school in the afternoon, it bypasses roads and secondary school kids, which - believe me - is a blessing when you're pushing along an empty special needs buggy. The children call it "The Deep Dark Woods" after... Read more

  • Relief but... Fri 27th Sept 2013

    I'm glad it's Friday and all is calmer, it's been a challenging week. I'm going to blog with a difference tonight, in the form of open letters: Dear teacher at T's school: Thank you for phoning me back today, would you have called me if I hadn't, I'm... Read more

  • No ordinary gift for no ordinary man

    Hubbie and I have been together for over 13 years now, that's 13 birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries. There comes a point, especially after you've had children, when you think "what can I buy as a gift?". Books, CDs and DVDs are all very well but they... Read more