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  • United we stand...part 2

    I don't like to criticise people openly generally on my blog because I don't like being criticised myself. It hurts and the times I've been trolled (by both strangers and fellow SN mums) it took me a while to bounce back, to decide to "turn the other... Read more

  • Writing for a reaction can be insulting, Ms Jones

    I have a mild love-hate relationship with Liz Jones. Strange because all I know of her is what she writes. The (imaginary?) rock-star boyfriend, the name-dropping of various (very expensive) home furnishings and clothes that seem to make their way into... Read more

  • When an #autism diagnosis is a double-edged sword ..

    As many readers will know, T was diagnosed with high functioning autism last week, our second child now officially on the spectrum. We've received the official report already and it's very accurate, very detailed and although my initial reaction on hearing... Read more

  • Some questions and answers - April is Autism Awareness Month - Day 13 of 30

    I guess it started as a typical Saturday for us, T and Hubbie went off to T's game this morning, another local game this afternoon, returning home soaked for dinner time. D and I have had a crafting day, me being instructed to make gold propellers and... Read more

  • #WAAD A photo blog for World Autism Awareness Day. This IS autism/aspergers... Day 2 of 30

    April is Autism Awareness Month - Day 2 of 30. Anyone living with/caring for someone on the autistic spectrum knows that the need for awareness and acceptance is 24/7, all year around. Today - World Autism Awareness Day or #WAAD - is a chance to try and... Read more

  • Phew, it's the weekend! Fri/Sat 15/16.03.2013

    I'm going to gloss over yesterday very quickly, I did a little Pick My Red Nose in keeping with Comic Relief etc. I figured that everyone would be laughing away at - the Simon Cowell marriage sketch, for example - the comedy, far more interesting than... Read more

  • Recently we were offered the chance to trial a Squease inflatable deep pressure vest - click here to visit their website. "Squease is an inflatable deep pressure vest that is hidden away inside a hooded top. No weights are used; hug-like pressure is applied... Read more

  • Proud of her... Saturday 02.03.2013

    Today has been a day of new experiences, of challenges. I've come through it relatively unscathed (armour slightly chinked) and immensely proud of my girl. This was morning was Arts and Crafts club - an initiative run by MENCAP - only today it wasn't... Read more

  • You don't notice ....

    Do you, my darling girl? The looks received when we're out and about. Like today. At the age of nearly 9 years old, you've learnt how to role-play with your toys. A lot of it is "learnt script" or echolalia but you know what, I could listen to it all... Read more

  • Tell EDCM your story - help campaign on the Children and Families Bill

    I've received this email from EDCM (Every Disabled Child Matters) and am sharing it on the blog and website. Every response to EDCM - via a link at the bottom of the post/directly on their website - will assist them. Tell us your story - help us campaign... Read more