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  • Thursday 31st May

    Hubbie - aka Mr Bluecrisps - has been feeling quite important today, bless him. He'll be on the phone and then ask if anyone else has liked "his blog", Awww! D went in well this morning, we decided not to stop at the park "with the naughty swing", probably... Read more

  • Wednesday 30th May

    Our wedding anniversary today - 12 years together, 10 years married. I did a post for Hubbie today - Mr Bluecrisps - it was a soppy one but only after writing it, do you realise how much has gone on in the last ten years. I don't know what the next ten... Read more

  • Mr Bluecrisps

    With thanks to lovely Lisa for the inspiration for the title! Hubbie would probably be very pleased at the title actually, he's always telling his customers about the blog and he'll sit there, poised with his phone, ready to read it as soon as I've pressed... Read more

  • Tuesday 29th May

    *sighs* D didn't get to school today. We dropped T off at his school and then, as we have to walk (ok, I'm walking, D's in buggy), if I'm not in a hurry then D has a couple of minutes on the swings. She was loving it, lots of "higher, higher" until the... Read more

  • Monday 28th May

    A slight change to our morning routine today, T was heading off to a leisure centre to join other schools in an Olympic opening ceremony street-dance style! They all had to wear block red, white or blue and although T wasn't particularly looking forward... Read more

  • Sunday 27th May

    An interesting one tonight, there's a burst pipe somewhere in our area so no-one has any water. Very hard explaining to D why there's no water in the pipes, why she can't have her usual Sunday hair-wash etc. Makes you realise how much we take a fresh... Read more

  • Georgia Davis - I wish you well

    Like the majority of the country, I've read about Georgia Davis this weekend and, apart from feeling very sorry for her, wondered why and how a 19-year girl can be 63 stone. The "how" almost beggars belief. If the newspapers and statistics are to be believed,... Read more

  • Saturday 26th May

    Another warm one! D had an "Angry Birds" t-shirt on today (bought from the boys section in Next, but don't tell her! Wonder why clothing manufacturers haven't cottoned on that girls like "Angry Birds" too) anyway and unfortunately that t-shirt summed... Read more

  • Friday 25th May

    25th of the month always makes me think "x months since Christmas, x months to go" - today's random "J" fact! Today has been, on the whole, another good day for D. She had a teeny bit of reluctance but once her TA came out of the classroom, she was smiling... Read more

  • Thursday 24th May

    I'll just say it once - GAWD, IT'S BEEN WARM TODAY - seem to go from one extreme to the other within a week, anyway.. D went in brilliantly again this morning, no reluctance, no TA needing to come out..wonderful! It was a sort-of "bounce-bounce I'm here"... Read more