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  • It wasn't meant to be

    A month ago I was practically burbling over with excitement: D was a day away from celebrating her birthday, a very exciting time for her as she'd never really recognised birthdays up until the last couple of years. And I was shortlisted in the Brilliance... Read more

  • Ensuring T stays calm with the aid of the trampoline..

    My children, although both diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, have separate calming and self-regulatory mechanisms. For D, it's drawing and colouring. She will draw the most incredibly detailed pictures (more of that in a later post) and the whole process... Read more

  • A bit of a brain dump

    I don't normally do this, so please excuse this mish-mash/brain dump. I'm usually a positive soul but I'm so tired. I think my body is telling me something, it's been doing it for a while and I should listen to it. (Cue a bit of a pity party) In the last... Read more

  • Panic attacks - the symptoms and how to deal with them

    The last few days have really tested me, it's not something I've mentioned in my diary blogs as they are predominantly to raise awareness of parenting children on the autistic spectrum. We both feel like we are turning a corner/light at the end of the... Read more

  • World Cancer Awareness Day and why I respect the Andre family

    I don't watch reality TV as a norm. Anxiety attacks a la "I'm a Celebrity"? My children face and conquer those every day going about their routines, meltdowns similar to "Celebrity Big Brother"? I care for and live with autism so, again, it's all too... Read more

  • Step away from the laptop, Ms Jones

    Yes, that's right you, Liz Jones. Put the lid down/click "shut down" and walk away. You are becoming a mockery of what I used to read your columns for. I used to bypass the snide comments at your neighbours, the constant references to spending extravagant... Read more

  • World Cancer Day - February 4th 2013

    There's a date coming up that we should all be aware of: "World Cancer Day 2013 (4 February 2013) will focus on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Dispel damaging myths and misconceptions about cancer, under the tagline “Cancer - Did you know?”.... Read more

  • It's Good To Talk...

    Or tweet, text, blog, connect on Facebook ... The death of Jacintha Saldanha was a shocking end to a "prank", even more so was the way some elements of social media reacted to the news. "It's only a mistake at work" said one tweet. Not many people can... Read more

  • Guilty but Grateful

    BritMums blogging network sent out a tweet today, asking followers to sum up their feelings at the end of half term in one word. My word: guilty. Guilty that my stupid leg chose this week to come up. I know in the grand scheme of things it's not a massive... Read more

  • Georgia Davis - I wish you well

    Like the majority of the country, I've read about Georgia Davis this weekend and, apart from feeling very sorry for her, wondered why and how a 19-year girl can be 63 stone. The "how" almost beggars belief. If the newspapers and statistics are to be believed,... Read more