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  • Singing Into My Hairbrush #Prose4T

    Sometimes a piece of music can just transport you back, like a proverbial time machine. The music I've included at the end of today's #Prose4T did just that. The words will, I hope explain: Singing into my hairbrush, imagining I'm a star. The bright lights... Read more

  • Ode to Bunny #Prose4T

    I wasn't sure if I had a #Prose4T this week, I haven't been well all week and the general feeling of yuck has affected my creative thinking. But then something happened this morning and I remembered just how important Bunny is to D, and a short poem flowed... Read more

  • Choosing a secondary school #Prose4T

    This week has been all about potential secondary schools for this little man: We've looked at prospectuses, been to Open Evenings and tours and listened to head teachers giving very eloquent and quite passionate speeches about the merits of their schools.... Read more

  • Words #Prose4T

    I was walking along this afternoon, pushing D in her buggy when I heard one 12-year old call another the "r-word". This child was wearing the uniform of the secondary school near to D's school so I presume they have been told about inclusion and words... Read more

  • Goodbye Mr Pool #Prose4T

    It's September, the children are back at school and the News now has talk of energy prices, dropping temperatures and (yes, it's 16 weeks away) Christmas. Today's #Prose4T is about something that T and D have really enjoyed this summer, our frame pool,... Read more

  • #ThisIsMyChild This is my D #Prose4T

    This Is My Child This is my child, this is my D. A giggly bundle of fun, isn't she? D has autism, an invisible disability, she's prone to severe fears and anxiety. Sometimes she'll meltdown, when circumstances overcome her, this can be in public and people... Read more

  • A Hug #Prose4T

    Hugs: A hug, a squeeze, it means so much, for my children, the gift of touch. A hug can calm, can soothe, can regulate. A hug may ease anxieties far quicker than something you can medicate. A hug for my girl, a hug for my boy. A hug to ease sorrow, a... Read more

  • I'm a one-off #Prose4T

    I'm linking up slightly late with #Prose4T at http://www.vevivos.com this week, with something I wrote a while ago. When I left school I had aspirations of a life in - where I perceived it was all happening - London. I didn't make it there to live but... Read more

  • A Sports Day medal #Prose4T

    This was D yesterday morning, my nervous but excited girl, on the way to her school sports day. She’s at a special needs school due to her anxieties and autism, mainstream sports days just didn’t happen for her – unfamiliar/too many people, too much noise... Read more

  • Switching places with Itsey? #Prose4T

    I got a bit stuck with today's #Prose4T, normally I have a subject, a title and I'm away! I started and deleted two posts about different but relevant subjects before this one. To give some background, we have two cat sisters: Itsey and Bitsey. Bitsey... Read more