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  • Do They Know It's Christmas? #MusicMonday

    Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984 Probably the most important music video to be made in the last 40 years. Just as relevant today as it was 27 years ago. Please continue to Support !!! From the very first chimes that introduce this song, there... Read more

  • A #MusicMonday For T

    Ever since T received his ipad mini for his birthday, he's been singing this song. At first I thought he was singing something else instead of "fox" and felt a bit "OMG, what and where has T picked up this song from?", then I realised it was Fox. It's... Read more

  • Aftermath and anticipation Mon 28th Oct 2013

    Well, the storm was kind to us. Apart from an absolute carpet of leaves and a few battered bushes, it all looks "as you were". We've been very lucky and the woods (which were T's primary concern with their very tall trees) seem to be okay, although we've... Read more

  • Hand in Hand #WhatsTheStory

    This is D and Hubbie, hand-in-hand after a great trip to the circus (post below). We don't get to take many pictures like this, D's anxieties mean that she's far more comfortable in her "safety zone" of her buggy and for years, she wouldn't even let Hubbie... Read more

  • Mr Bluecrisps' Top Tunes - a belated Birthday Music Monday

    Today's Music Monday is .....umm...377 days late! Before Mr Bluecrisps had a BIG birthday last year, I asked him if he'd write down his top 50 tunes for a post. What with one thing and another - mostly life (!) - it's only just been completed. Cue my... Read more

  • Dear God #MusicMonday

    Today's Music Monday tune is a different one to that I'd scheduled. I've got T at home with me today and we've had quite long chats about conflicts and religion. Fortunately I was able to reassure him that the Cold War era seems to be long behind us but... Read more

  • Not a typical Bank Holiday Mon 26th Aug 2013

    I expect the garden centres, theme parks and tourist attractions were packed today, it being a sunny bank holiday. None of them held any appeal for me, even if my neck had been better, which it isn't. Both T and D have a heightened sensory awareness and... Read more

  • "Big Country" live - #MusicMonday

    One of the advantages of having an all-singing/all-dancing phone is the ability to store my favourite music on it. I chose my music for the school runs (walks) depending a) on my mood and b) how fast I need to walk. An up-tempo tune always make me speedier.... Read more

  • Singing to my baby #MagicMoments

    Today's #MagicMoments with Jaime at oliversmadhouse.co.ukis an oldie (time-wise) but a goodie. My oldest son is now 19, he left home just over a year ago and is establishing his own way forward in life. It took two miscarriages and some Clomid (with first... Read more

  • Mañana mañana Mon 10th June 2013

    It's probably no coincidence that in National Carers Week I'm starting the week feeling shattered. But, like so many autism parents, the need to "keep calm and carry on" takes priority, this week will be better! Our day didn't start brilliantly, D was... Read more