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  • Saturday 31st March

    After it felt like continuous meltdowns since Wednesday, I got my D back today. I guess it was the busier Wednesday and Thursday, coupled with the end of term activities and excitement at school that just completely threw her. Hindsight is a wonderful... Read more

  • I love you just the way you are...

    With thanks to Billy Joel (I think) for the title.. Sometimes I like to window shop. I'm sure we all do it, check out things we can't afford...that "ooh, wouldn't that be nice for.." and then you remember the gas bill, council tax etc and walk away. I... Read more

  • Friday 30th March

    Having spent most of the last two days having meltdowns, D stayed true to form and had one before school. Unfortunately poor T got caught in the crossfire and got hurt. It's so hard when one of your children hurts the other. I need to split myself into... Read more

  • Thursday 29th March

    D went in very very well to school today, best ever. Went over that carpet strip by herself and bounced into the room. Reason being? She wanted to show the TAs a new Bunny toy. Same size as old Bunny, dressed in a tutu. Same name too: Bunny. So now she... Read more

  • A quick World Autism Awareness Day update from me

    It's been a while since I did my original post ("An idea for World Autism Day"), so here's a quick update. I never heard back from the manager of the Shopping Centre - not even an acknowledgement email. I phoned twice and emailed twice more and nothing.....extremely... Read more

  • Wednesday 28th March

    Today started off well...but it didn't last. D went into class very well today, just the one TA coaxing her to go in instead of the (sometimes physically get her through the door with) two TAs. I found out (in a roundabout way) that her teacher has been... Read more

  • Tuesday 27th March

    Some reluctance from D going into school this morning but, with the aid of a TA she went in. Very concerned that she would have Bunny with her all day, her security element. I had a reply from Channel 4 today on the upcoming "The Undateables" programme... Read more

  • Monday 26th March

    Poor D was off school today. Annoying tickly dry cough that we all have, plus a slight temperature (she's prone to convulsions so I always keep her off for that alone) and a skin reaction on arms and face - poor thing! She was very pleased to be off,... Read more

  • "Touch" and inter-connections

    I watched the first episode of "Touch" last night, new episodes in UK are Tuesday evenings, on Sky One. I was interested in seeing it from the previews, which described the child, Jake, as mute and having been misdiagnosed with severe autism. Kiefer Sutherland... Read more

  • Sunday 25th March

    If you haven't seen my earlier post today about Thames Valley Adventure Playground, please have a look. It's an area solely for special needs families and is wonderful. I didn't realise until I'd posted the pictures that you can play spot-D's-beloved-Bunny... Read more