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  • Monday 30th April

    The day started off like every other Monday - or most mornings - with "I don't want to go to school" being shouted, very loudly. She wanted a day off, to stay at home. She was in a stroppy mood all the way to T's school and then agreed to the iPad, which... Read more

  • What Autism means to me....

    My daughter is nearly 8 years old and whilst she may look like any other child, she has autism. This means that her speech & language skills are delayed, her social skills can be inappropriately used - for example, she will try and hug the supermarket... Read more

  • Sunday 29th April

    We are officially in countdown: three Sundays until D's birthday, she'll be 8 years old - *mutters* about time flying fast and just where have the last few years gone! Last year's birthday was the first one she really understood and got excited about.... Read more

  • Saturday 28th April

    I'm writing this with my head still sore from where D pulled my hair tonight. She got cross because we'd been playing songs from my phone, her one finished and another one came on. Bam! This little hand came from next to me and pulled my hair hard. Then... Read more

  • Friday 27th April

    I found something out today...D's school have someone there who are able to do referrals to CAMHS so this begs the question WHY did her teacher not speak to this person in January? She's a lovely lady this person, full of helpful sensory advice and she's... Read more

  • Music makes my life colourful

    This title is borrowed from the motif on one of D's t-shirts. Music plays a big part in my life, always has done. From my teenage years spent taping the Top 40 on Sunday nights, editing out the DJs monologue and the weekly ritual of TOTP, waiting to see... Read more

  • Thursday 26th April

    Four days left in April. Autism Awareness Month. Of course, those of us living with Autism are aware - nothing will change for us on 1st May. Life goes on as normal (routines etc). April has been about reaching those who aren't aware - but as I've said... Read more

  • Wednesday 25th April

    25th? Autism awareness month is flying by... I felt a bit despondent yesterday thinking "am I doing enough, what more can I do?" but because autism is an invisible disability it's almost "baby steps" and awareness one-by-one. More of that later... D went... Read more

  • Tuesday 24th April

    D was a bit reluctant about going to school today but the chilly school run had her almost rushing into the classroom. She blamed me for being cold so there was no goodbye hug, nothing! Thanks D! At least she was in, I guess. Whilst she was at school,... Read more

  • Monday 23rd April

    St George's Day! Here is guinea pig George, we didn't give him a card - he'd have eaten it! D didn't go in well to school this morning, lots of anxieties around leaving Bunny in the pigeonhole and the child who picks on her. Took her teacher plus a TA... Read more