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  • Sunday 30th September - blog fest!!

    Apologies that this is the fourth post of the day, but before you run away screaming: one was a "Silent Sunday"; one a product review that should have gone up Friday but, due to Follow Fridays, timelines are completely taken up and the other I was pleased... Read more

  • Blogging tips

    I was asked if I'd provide a few blogging tips, I've only been doing my blog since January but have found it's been a benefit to both myself (avenue to rant and vent occasionally) and (I hope) to others. So here goes... Research which blogging platform... Read more

  • My First Picnic Sticky Mosaics - Product Review

    We were very kindly sent a sticky mosaics kit to review by Fun Learning, a company who offer a large selection of educational toys for primary school aged children. You can visit their website fun learning or one of their five shops in the UK for products... Read more

  • Silent Sunday

    Read more

  • Saturday 29th September - a new arts and crafts experience

    After the emotion-fest that was yesterday (bless her) D needed a good day today and, on the whole, that's what we've had. We tried out an arts and crafts workshop organised by Mencap this morning. D loved it - as I thought she would. It's a book-in-advance... Read more

  • Friday 28th September - not the best day..

    My exhausted D is finally settled, thank goodness for melatonin. Without it she wouldn't be settling until the early hours, if at all. It's not been a good day. It was "dress like a super hero" day at school, to raise money for air ambulances. When I... Read more

  • Thursday 27th September - Walking 500 miles metaphorically

    The "500 miles" refers to The Proclaimers song. D was singing it in Music again today and I've been treated to a few renditions tonight. I looked up the video for her on YouTube, it's been viewed nearly 6.5 million times! And quite a few more by D tonight,... Read more

  • Warning by Jenny Joseph

    💜Bearing in mind my love of all things purple (see below), I thought I'd share this poem by Jenny Joseph:💜 "WARNING When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me And I shall spend my pension on brandy... Read more

  • Wednesday 26th September - a return to routine but "cry me a river"

    I'm going to be honest...I didn't feel like doing this tonight and wasn't going to, until I decided that, realistically I've had worse days than today and it's guaranteed that I will do in the future. After days of playing telephone-tennis with our GP... Read more

  • Tuesday 25th September - Happy Birthday Mr Bluecrisps

    Yes, my Mr Bluecrisps' birthday today aka Hubbie. Nicknamed that as my twitter name used to be "Bluecrisps", see my "About" post or "Mr Bluecrisps" post for more info. D had a much better night but still awake a lot and Spilly Spoon was needed again 😳,... Read more