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  • Benefit scrounger - I don't think so

    I met a friend for lunch today. We can't always catch up but it's good when we do. Her daughter was my daughter's best friend in mainstream school, they're still close and her daughter is also very gentle & considerate of D. It's nice to see them together.... Read more

  • Melatonin...it works for us

    D has been on Melatonin for nearly two years. We were offered it during one of our paediatric appointments when we discussed her sleep issues. Prior to Melatonin, she wouldn't settle until about 10pm at night and would then be up in the early hours, reliving... Read more

  • There is an "unexpected item in the bagging area@

    D didn't sleep well last night, I was with her for most of the night, she had bad dreams & anxieties relating from them. I made the decision to keep her off school today. She was over-tired, it would have been awful trying to physically get her in the... Read more

  • Bathtimes should be fun times...

    Had the bathtime from hell tonight with D. We normally use it to chat about our day (the conversation is quite often one-way but as long as I get some information about what she's done at school etc, it's worth it) As background: We have a picture of... Read more

  • What doesn't kill you, definitely makes you stronger..

    An anonymous post: 1st February: I have been dreading and both looking forward to this day, then I can move on. Last year on February 1st at around 11.10am I was assaulted. I was grabbed from behind with two hands and basically roughly groped. If he had... Read more

  • The best laid plans....

    We were all set for our trip to Reading. Snacks & drinks under the buggy. Bus times obtained. We had worked out precisely where we were going and in what order: lunch in MacDonalds & a trip to House of Fraser - D wanted a rubiks cube bud duck, I wanted... Read more

  • Laugh out loud moments

    The blob became a cat: In Toy Story 3 there was a scene with Woody & Molly dolly and a big brown blob toy thing Rose up behind them. D became fascinated by this blob toy and wanted one. I knitted her a brown shapeless blob and sewed a face on. Went down... Read more

  • It's the little things ..

    ...that cause the meltdowns sometimes. Today's first one was because Hubbie has made D's toast and it was not cut correctly. Think he'd folded & cut it or something - anyway it didn't look right so it wasn't being eaten. Too many crumbs emitting from... Read more

  • Dad is starting to "get it"

    Hubbie came with me to pick up D on Thursday. He's normally at work or co-managing T's football team so this made a change. At weekends it tends to be D & I as football is quite full-on & takes up the majority of time. So events out are risk-assessed... Read more

  • I could have hit him, but I was too shocked

    Dropped off T at his school one day during the week, chucking it down with rain. D in her buggy, as I'm pushing it, I'm getting soaked. A man was walking behind us, doing that coughing noise that someone does when they want you to move but not exactly... Read more