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  • Snuggles Sunday! 1st Dec 2013

    This was how D's been happiest today, snuggled up in her onesie, under a fleece blanket which completely covered her, playing minion rush. Another pre-requisite is having me next to her, this was how we rolled (or rather sat). It's been a much quieter... Read more

  • The Switch On! Sat 30th Nov 2013

    D has done extremely well today, for a couple of reasons. She spent most of the first part of the day writing (yes, writing, even though she finds it a challenge) her Christmas letter. It's absolutely great and I think it merits a separate post. This... Read more

  • Furious Friday! 29th Nov 2013

    It's quite unusual that a day will start and end with ill feeling on D's part but today has been that day. The reason? Predominantly that T was off school today with a sore throat. D was absolutely furious at the change to routine and that he would be... Read more

  • Taplow Thursday! 28th Nov 2013

    This was D on the way to school this morning, happily wearing a crown and brandishing a wand she'd crafted overnight. I think she'd been too excited to sleep until her usual time. The reason for her excitement was that her and her class were heading off... Read more

  • Progress (I hope) Weds 27th Nov 2013

    I'm feeling a bit more positive tonight, after having had a phone call with T's head teacher, following my letter. To back track, I was extremely concerned that T's school was not recognising his autism, despite them having received official diagnosis... Read more

  • Life lessons versus GCSEs Tues 26th Nov 2013

    The above was the question we asked ourselves nearly 4 years ago, once D had received her Statement (of Special Educational Needs). Should we persevere with a mainstream education, knowing that she was finding the environment extremely challenging? Knowing... Read more

  • (Mostly) Marvellous Monday! 25th Nov 2013

    It was a fantastic start to the week today. D spent quite a bit of time last evening and before school personalising some little notebooks for her teacher and the TAs in her class. Glittery letters for their names and stickers etc. She was very excited... Read more

  • Disquiet Sun 24th Nov 2013

    There was only one title for tonight's blog, I know the feeling has been shared by my lovely twitter friend Karen in Inverness too: noun: 1. lack of calm, peace, or ease; anxiety; uneasiness. Verb: 2. to deprive of calm or peace. Adjective: 3. Archaic.... Read more

  • All was fair at the Christmas Fair! Sat 23rd Nov 2013

    This little girl has done me proud today: There she is, telling "Santa" at her school's Christmas fair that she's been a good girl this year and warning him that he can't arrive down the chimney because the guinea pigs are in front of it! He said "not... Read more

  • *Yay* for Friday! Fri 22nd Nov 2013

    It's not often that our day starts and ends well for both T and D, but today has been that day! (Image courtesy of hoorayhurrah.com) So, what have been the causes of this good day? For T, it was a football match, during school time. Not only that but... Read more