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  • Family Time #R2BC

    I really like joining in the Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC every week at http://www.mummyfromtheheart.com/ it makes me think positively about what we've been doing as opposed to negatively. As I've mentioned before, I try to focus on what the children... Read more

  • Would you want to know what’s in store for you?

    I was chatting to another special needs parent this morning, comparing our daughters’ progress (he has a 14year old with Downs Syndrome) and our weekends – as you do. I told him what my mum was currently going through (the medical miracle that she is)... Read more

  • “Oh dear, my cows are loose” A #Funee post

    It’s been a strange week, to say the least. The sudden news that the consultants had done a u-turn and agreed to perform the operation on my mum to remove her cancerous kidney, the worry that it was a high-risk operation, the waiting, the relief when... Read more

  • Preserving memories with “from you to me”

    I sat with two sisters earlier this week, they looked over photos that one of them hadn’t seen before and they tried to work out between themselves who the subjects were and the circumstances. It was bitter-sweet as both sisters had never known their... Read more

  • It wasn't meant to be

    A month ago I was practically burbling over with excitement: D was a day away from celebrating her birthday, a very exciting time for her as she'd never really recognised birthdays up until the last couple of years. And I was shortlisted in the Brilliance... Read more

  • Daaaad! A #Funee post

    I'm joining in today with actuallymummy.co.uk with another Funee. As I've said before, we always make sure we laugh with D, never at her. She does say the funniest things and, as seems to be the norm, it's directed at Mr Bluecrisps, my Hubbie and her... Read more

  • Joining the Kurio Family Blogger group

    There's a new little badge in my side-bar today, just like the one above. One I'm very pleased to include. Kurio have invited us to join their Family Blogger panel and over the next few months we'll be testing out a new-sized product for them. This one... Read more

  • Letting the guilt out

    I've decided to join in with a Parental Guilt linky with @mrboosmum to offload a few guilt-trip moments that have been burbling around. It's something that is ever present with parenting, I wonder if it ever leaves us? What is guilt? Here's a definition:... Read more

  • This IS me #Prose4T

    I really enjoying linking up with Vicky at vevivos.com for #Prose4T every week. It's a chance to think outside my "Mumma/carer/wife" box for a little while. I wrote a post earlier this year about my Christian name, the various ways it could be spelt and,... Read more

  • Getting the garden ready for the summer holidays

    The sun has been trying to peek through the clouds and the children are counting down to the summer holidays. They're not that far away, 5.5 weeks (ish) if you're in England, 3.5 weeks if you're reading this in Scotland. It's time to think about activities... Read more