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  • Friday 31st August - a much calmer day

    The predictable unpredictability that is autism has made for a much better day today (well it couldn't have been any worse than yesterday!) Today, for D, has consisted of: These chaps (again, honestly she will be in class quoting great chunks of the episodes):... Read more

  • Thursday 30th August - please can we rewind?

    My lovely D is all snuggly with me, she's relaxed and laughing, eager to show me the moon when I've finished this blog. Sounds lovely and it is, I like our Mumma-D time, it's when she's relaxed that we can talk about the return to school and things that... Read more

  • You're a lucky little girl....

    I was always told this from an early age...literally had it drummed into me. I was born six weeks premature, which would be a worry these days, let alone then. A child born on the same day as me, with a similar prematurity, was found to be brain-damaged.... Read more

  • Wednesday 29th August - magazines and murky weather

    It's been too wet to do our planned Paralympigs event outside today. The piggies would have got soaked and it wouldn't have been fair on them. They'd have sunk in the mud too. We'll do it tomorrow *crosses fingers & toes*. Watching the Paralympics torch... Read more

  • Tuesday 28th August - a wonderful time at @tvapSN but Network Rail....

    We have had a fab-u-lous day today, I knew we would *beams*. We went to the Thames Valley Adventure Playground in Taplow (they're on twitter at @tvapSN). I've blogged about a previous visit - go to my blog menu and click on "A VERY special adventure playground".... Read more

  • Monday 27th August - showers but laughter

    Today has mostly been about these chaps again: Endless rain has meant a day indoors and in an attempt to get D away from these apps (she loves the "Toca Robot Lab" one, it's very gentle, with funny little robot sounds and easily played by little fingers):... Read more

  • Motivational Monday

    These need no words: But, if you do encounter the stares, the tuts, the comments: Jx 😘 Read more

  • Sunday 26th August - we didn't get all the stares today..

    Yippee, we got our trip out! T asking and needing to know EXACTLY which shops we were going to and what we were getting. This caused an issue before we went as T was asking these questions and D was then getting cross because "there are too many questions".... Read more

  • Saturday 25th August - Goodies! Goodie, Goodie yum yum

    Today we have been mostly watching "The Goodies"' D seems rather obsessed with them and their humour. They're slapstick and harmless, much like Mr Bean really. She was watching them whilst Hubbie & T were at T's friendly football match, then they came... Read more

  • Friday 24th August - Paralympics are coming & so is Christmas!!

    Apparently today has been dubbed "Fed-up Friday" by a certain newspaper. By now apparently we've run out of money to entertain the children and just can't wait for them to go back to school. The summer holidays are too long, it's true. There's no longer... Read more