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  • On the move

    After six months with Overblog, I'm transferring back to Wordpress and going for self hosting. Please bear with me whilst the move to new servers takes place. Now for a technical message: If you still see this post after 3rd December, please clear your... Read more

  • Leading by example

    As parents in an ever-increasing social media world, one of our needs is to keep our children safe whilst online. T regularly goes onto wifi to play FIFA 14 and it's on the proviso that he remains in the same room as us and the volume is sufficient for... Read more

  • Do They Know It's Christmas? #MusicMonday

    Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984 Probably the most important music video to be made in the last 40 years. Just as relevant today as it was 27 years ago. Please continue to Support !!! From the very first chimes that introduce this song, there... Read more

  • Snuggles Sunday! 1st Dec 2013

    This was how D's been happiest today, snuggled up in her onesie, under a fleece blanket which completely covered her, playing minion rush. Another pre-requisite is having me next to her, this was how we rolled (or rather sat). It's been a much quieter... Read more

  • The Christmas Letter #WhatsTheStory #MagicMoments

    It's that time of year when children's expectations are high and there is a flurry of whispering into Father Christmas's ear and the writing of letters. This year, D has written her own letter. All by herself. This is a big achievement as she finds writing... Read more

  • The Mole In The Hole #CountryKids

    Our journeys around and about this week have been accentuated by these: Mole hills, lots and lots of them. They've appeared overnight in most places so there must be a very busy mole or moles (as they're widespread) burrowing around, coming up for a quick... Read more

  • Silent Sunday

    Read more

  • The Switch On! Sat 30th Nov 2013

    D has done extremely well today, for a couple of reasons. She spent most of the first part of the day writing (yes, writing, even though she finds it a challenge) her Christmas letter. It's absolutely great and I think it merits a separate post. This... Read more

  • The Washing Machine #LoveYourAppliance

    There it is, the appliance that sits in the corner of my kitchen (which was why it was difficult to get a straight picture), a completely necessary appliance for a busy household. I didn't realise quite how necessary until the old machine broke down and... Read more

  • Furious Friday! 29th Nov 2013

    It's quite unusual that a day will start and end with ill feeling on D's part but today has been that day. The reason? Predominantly that T was off school today with a sore throat. D was absolutely furious at the change to routine and that he would be... Read more