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  • Saturday 30th June

    Our day didn't begin well. It was a little bit out of routine and D didn't handle it well, very over-sensitive for parts of the morning, very non-negotiable until...she saw the butterflies! Yep, we have butterflies, finally (if you didn't see yesterday's... Read more

  • Friday 29th June

    We've had a really good day today, I think D is very relaxed now that all the sports day preparation and practice is over and normal routine is back at school. We stopped off at the playground after dropping T off at his school, D definitely has Hubbie's... Read more

  • Thursday 28th June

    D has had another brilliant day, buoyed on (I think) by yesterday. Of course if she hadn't got her medal(s) it may have been a different story, but it wasn't so...*big grin*. She walked about half-way to school and was delighted to be accosted by a cat... Read more

  • Wednesday 27th June

    The day of D's sports day and how wonderful it has been 😃👍 It didn't start off that way - naturally, thanks autism - as she was very anxious about sports day and it took her TA, plus her teacher to get her into school. I had a "cunning plan" to have Bunny... Read more

  • Tuesday 26th June

    Another huff-worthy day in parts, I'm afraid. The school run this morning was Horrible, with a definite capital H. D started off well with her walking but got scared by these two children who always cycle too close to her, so back to the sanctuary of... Read more

  • Monday 25th June

    Huff, huff, huff. Yes that's me tonight. The day started off really well. D walked to T's school, then had a spell in the buggy, then walked into her school. She knew I had to then walk back to T's school for his sports day so went in very well, bless... Read more

  • Sunday 24th June

    Thanks for all your RTs of my "it's a matter of taste..." blog. I wasn't going to name names but I think the majority of you who RTd know who these "comedians" are, taking cheap digs at those who can't answer back. On with our day: Haircuts time for T... Read more

  • It's a matter of taste.....

    There has been a spate of comedians mocking disabled children in the last few months. Easy targets or is it something more? The red-top tabloids seem determined to name and shame benefit cheats, headlines screaming "lotto winners still claiming £xx benefits"... Read more

  • Saturday 23rd June

    Thanks very much for the RTs of my "Mr Pick" post, T loved seeing himself on screen and smiled away reading it, phew! No school runs (walks) today....nice, D has been happy doing her reading and playing with the craft box: As she has been into the "Manah... Read more

  • Mr Pick

    This is our nickname for T, our 9.5 year old "Pickle Jar", which was his nickname from about 6 months, then shortened to "Mr Pick". T is a bundle of football-loving & football team playing, book reading, hard-working pickle-ish-ness. He can also be incredibly... Read more