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  • Wednesday 31st October - A weenie Halloween and purple monkeys

    D wanted me to share this picture tonight, she thinks the cat is very funny! It reminds her of one of ours - Itsey aka Sticky - who jumps into the air if a leaf goes past her and will only have cuddles on her terms (ie. not that often). We haven't done... Read more

  • Tuesday 30th October - Literally literacy

    T and D both take things very literally, they always have. Hubbie and I very quickly established that the metaphors we were used to, cannot be used when they are within earshot. For example, during the summer (what summer?) my decorator-Hubbie would come... Read more

  • Monday 29th October - Captain Underpants rules!

    It's been about this chap today: This is Captain Underpants, according to D. This little chap was made first thing (oh yes!) this morning and has influenced her all day. She's played games with him, read the books and watched a single YouTube clip over... Read more

  • Motivational Monday

    Simply but effectively worded posters can say so much, can't they? This is why I like the "keep calm and ..." range, whatever you're feeling there's bound to be an image. Here are a few of my favourites, all motivational. These were notebooks in John... Read more

  • Sunday 28th October - Playmobil and pesky infections!

    I don't like being ill, I really don't! It's inconvenient and when you have children for whom routine adherence is key, it's never-ending when all you want to do is rest. Having said that, D has been very good today. She got upset this morning when I... Read more

  • Silent Sunday

    Read more

  • Double Bill - Friday 26th October and Saturday 27th October - keep calm and carry on

    Yesterday was the first time since 5th March that I hadn't written a diary blog. Apologies, my replacement one Why I Blog was a little short one in its place, thanks very much for the RTs 😘 Friday: T and D were both tired yesterday and this was reflected... Read more

  • Why I blog

    There's no diary post tonight, I'm going to quote "unforeseen circumstances". Tomorrow's will be a combination of the two days. This picture says it all: There she is, my brown-haired, blue-eyed girl who just happens to also have autism. I blog for her... Read more

  • Thursday 25th October - a couple of Brilliant 1sts!

    I must start by saying I'm so completely, utterly proud of T tonight. He's had a fantastic parents evening report, he's thriving with the more challenging work being offered and the ASD-friendly teaching environment. The downside is that once he's finished... Read more

  • Spam, ham and rotten eggs

    I try to clear out my "spam" folder at least once a week, it's usually quite an experience. Comments which have nothing to do with what I've written about, links to all manner of "dodgy" sites - I never click on them, just wonder occasionally how they've... Read more