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  • The Switch On! Sat 30th Nov 2013

    D has done extremely well today, for a couple of reasons. She spent most of the first part of the day writing (yes, writing, even though she finds it a challenge) her Christmas letter. It's absolutely great and I think it merits a separate post. This... Read more

  • The Washing Machine #LoveYourAppliance

    There it is, the appliance that sits in the corner of my kitchen (which was why it was difficult to get a straight picture), a completely necessary appliance for a busy household. I didn't realise quite how necessary until the old machine broke down and... Read more

  • Good morning, a relaxed D today after a fraught...

    Good morning, a relaxed D today after a fraught yesterday. Hope everyone's day goes well :) #autism Jeannette (@AutismMumma) November 30, 2013 Read more

  • Furious Friday! 29th Nov 2013

    It's quite unusual that a day will start and end with ill feeling on D's part but today has been that day. The reason? Predominantly that T was off school today with a sore throat. D was absolutely furious at the change to routine and that he would be... Read more

  • So, is D's autism a "problem"?

    I need to have a little bit of a vent today, which is where a blog is always useful. Tap, tap, tap...and off it goes. It's quite therapeutic. I love the picture of D at the top of this page, she had made the wand and crown and couldn't wait to get to... Read more

  • The (most wonderful) Book Of Bedtime Stories

    We love books, absolutely love them. A snuggle and a cuddle whilst reading a book at bedtime is something I never take for granted, occasionally I might will it to hurry-up-a-bit but with a book like the one above, you'd want to take your time, to enjoy... Read more

  • Kurio 4S Touch - a child-friendly and safe tablet #ProductReview

    Earlier this year I was asked if we'd like to join the Kurio Family Blogger group, something that greatly interested me as technology is ever-growing and with it, the need to ensure our children's safety whilst gaming/online. We were sent a Kurio 4S to... Read more

  • Good morning, just dropped the grumpiest D off...

    Good morning, just dropped the grumpiest D off after a dreadful school run. T is off today and she's jealous and cross about it. Jeannette (@AutismMumma) November 29, 2013 Read more

  • Taplow Thursday! 28th Nov 2013

    This was D on the way to school this morning, happily wearing a crown and brandishing a wand she'd crafted overnight. I think she'd been too excited to sleep until her usual time. The reason for her excitement was that her and her class were heading off... Read more

  • Relief #R2BC

    I've been feeling a tad stressed this week, it's been to do with the time of year and also to do with both children's schools. But, let's take a "glass half full" approach and I'll list below this week's Reasons To Be Cheerful: 1. Yes, the run up to Christmas... Read more