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Wife, Mumma, wearer of purple, #pblogger, #prfriendly #reviewer Shortlisted in #BiBs in Commentary. Sponsor me here pls! http://www.justgiving.com/autism-mumma

  • If they don't understand within the family, what hope have we externally?

    A bit of history for you: For the past three years my mum has been in and out of hospital with pneumonia and related illnesses. The doctors have said they can't cure it, each attack can only be "managed", which basically means hospital admission; IV drugs... Read more

  • This is me...hello

    Well, hello. Welcome to my blog, if you've come to this via Twitter then you'll already know a bit about me and thank you for looking further. If not, then I'm a proud mum of three - 2 sons aged 17 & 9 - and a daughter aged 7. She has autism, delayed... Read more

  • Why bluecrisps?

    Why, indeed? My surname is Cripps - not Crisps or Chipps as the energy provider companies would have us down as. Or Kripps as the chemist dispensing my daughter's medicine but Cripps. And my husband and sons are avid Chelsea fans. Just seemed to make... Read more