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  • The only girl... Thurs 31.01.2013

    Sometimes being the only girl in a class of 9 must be nice for D; she's got plenty of boys who want to marry her - to be her "gloom" as she calls the "bride and gloom" - she's always got someone to play princesses and knights with etc. Sometimes it's... Read more

  • The Key but no lock .. Weds 30.01.2013

    It wasn't a great start to the day today, Mr H didn't want his mum to leave this morning so we had tears, screams and finally a toddler tantrum. All at just past 8am. D's initial reaction was to get away from the situation (don't blame her tbh) and it... Read more

  • Gangnam Style! Tues 29.01.2013

    Once again, it's all about Gangnum Style tonight... [wpvideo yyxv8OkM] This is a video that D compiled, her snowman's head and a baby body. D's PE class consisted of the class and teachers (!) dancing and exercising Gangnum Style this afternoon. Apparently... Read more

  • Step away from the laptop, Ms Jones

    Yes, that's right you, Liz Jones. Put the lid down/click "shut down" and walk away. You are becoming a mockery of what I used to read your columns for. I used to bypass the snide comments at your neighbours, the constant references to spending extravagant... Read more

  • Wedding plans? Sun 27 and Mon 28.01.2013

    Apologies for the lack of diary blog last night, I could hardly keep my eyes open by 9pm - let alone do anything else - Night Nurse is a wonder! Yesterday and today's focus has been much the same for D, she is totally fixated on brides and weddings, she... Read more

  • Music Monday "Life's what you make it" by Talk Talk

    Today's "Music Monday" is by Talk Talk. I watched this video with D over the weekend and she loved all the insects and animals in it, make sure you watch right to the end, after the music has stopped, lovely wildlife shots. Lyrics first: "Baby Life's... Read more

  • Don't forget young disabled adults

    I look at D and I worry for her future. In an ideal world she'd spend her preparation for adult life in the family home, find a partner, get married etc. In reality, as much as I'd like to envisage that, I can't see it happening. Which is why this news... Read more

  • Sorry

    No blog post tonight, I'll hopefully do a double post tomorrow. Still not feeling brilliant (or mediocre) so this is my bed fellow for the night: Hope everyone's had a good day x Read more

  • Silent Sunday

    Read more

  • Ouchie! Sat 26.01.2013

    Well, the last "dollop" (I love the BBC weather people's terminology) didn't arrive *yay* so everything is thawing out nicely, leaving behind mud (lots of mud) in its place. Unfortunate we didn't get to Arts and Crafts Club today, I woke up with a raging... Read more