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  • Oh hair washing is always a pleasure #autismparent...

    Oh hair washing is always a pleasure #autismparent #sensory Jeannette (@AutismMumma) June 16, 2015 Read more

  • All just had the same meal, #sensory issues mean...

    All just had the same meal, #sensory issues mean this doesn't happen very often. Was very nice :) #autismparent Jeannette (@AutismMumma) December 29, 2013 Read more

  • Urgh hair wash time #autism #sensory

    Urgh hair wash time #autism #sensory Jeannette (@AutismMumma) December 15, 2013 Read more

  • The Earrings #SSAmazingAchievements

    A couple of years ago, in the summer holidays, D decided she'd like her ears pierced. It wasn't something to be considered lightly as her stranger anxieties and sensory issues meant that we may not even get into the appointment. I also didn't want her... Read more

  • Our Onesie plans for Christmas

    Below is my latest post for Kiddy Charts. Regular readers of my posts will recognise who will be wearing one of the onesie's, maybe more. We're aiming for a snuggly, sensory-loving Christmas and, after a long year, it will be welcomed. Thanks to Helen... Read more

  • The Big Moaner #funee

    It seems a little bit mean to write this funee today, whilst poor old Mr Bluecrisps is suffering at home with "man flu" but ...here goes. Whenever it's hair clippers time at home, I dread it. It's not the fact that T wriggles and squirms, I can cope with... Read more

  • Our Garden, Our Sanctuary

    When we moved into our house 10 years ago, the back garden was very sedate, very appropriate for the previous owners. It was half-paved (not ideal for toddlers) and had a low feature wall with a herb garden. We very quickly set about laying turf, replacing... Read more

  • A pot and a kettle #funee

    One of the challenges of life with T and D are their very complex and varied sensory issues, this impacts every aspect of home life, the major one being food. Much as I would love for us to sit down for a stereo-typical Sunday roast (yes, maybe even using... Read more

  • A hairbrush!

    I never ever thought I'd get a picture of D voluntarily brushing her hair, but there she is, brushing and looking at her reflection, like the little lady she is turning out to be. Hairbrushing and hair washing have always been a bit of a sensory nightmare... Read more

  • Minions and discovering settings.. Sat 12th Oct 2013

    D has had (in her words) "the best day", it's involved some crafting, nature and the settings on her iPad. Me, I seem to have a headcold, one of those horrible sound-gets-amplified-type-ones. So, the discovery of the various sounds in settings has been..interesting.... Read more