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  • A Play Date Friday 31st May 2013

    It's always a concern arranging a play date when you're an autism parent, isn't it? That's if your child is lucky enough to receive an invitation to one. There's so much to consider: taking their cup/bottle for drinks because they won't drink out of any... Read more

  • "Learning To Love Again" - A Wot So Funee post

    I'm linking in with @actuallymummy for a Wot So Funee today with a little tale about D (my gorgeous 9-year old daughter, who just happens to have autism). Quite often I don't remember the funny little things she says, but this one made me laugh and want... Read more

  • Mushy Moments and Minecraft! Thurs 30th May 2013

    I'll start with the "mushy moments", it's mine and Hubbie's wedding anniversary today (13 years together to the day and 11 years married), I wrote a poem this morning - click here to read it - which made him cry! Our day started off with cards etc and... Read more

  • We love "Tiny Twisted Tales" from Calvin Innes

    We like books a lot in the Bluecrisps household, to pick up a book and from the first few lines to be transported away to a world in the author's imagination is wonderful. Books can relax you, excite you, make you laugh or cry or wonder at the imagery... Read more

  • Happy Anniversary Mr Bluecrisps

    Today's #Prose4T is dedicated to Mr Bluecrisps aka Hubbie. It's our wedding anniversary today, we went out on our first date 13 years ago today and married two years later - on the same day. Happy Anniversary Haven't the last 11 (or 13!) years flown by?... Read more

  • Autism awareness shouldn't be one morning a month! Weds 29th May 2013

    Yesterday I was really impressed with a certain cinema chain, today I'm not so. Yesterday I'd clicked their site to check ticket times for a film showing today and noticed that they advertise "autism-friendly" screenings. "Fantastic" I thought and spread... Read more

  • "Scooting with a definite smile" thanks to Micro Scooters

    I'm keen on anything that gets my children active and away from tablets and console games. But with special needs children you think "what can they do?", issues around stranger anxiety and turn-taking can present problems, which other parents aren't usually... Read more

  • Running Up and Down That Hill!

    I'm linking today's post in with the Active Family Challenge at oliversmadhouse.co.uk because although we haven't been splashing, we've certainly been active. It was a gorgeous - but windy - day on Monday and we decided to take a picnic to the park nearby... Read more

  • Hurrah for the Piggie! Tues 28th May 2013

    The piggie has been found! The missing toy that D had not picked up or thought about for years was located this morning. As mentioned in yesterday's post, she was obsessed with finding it and it was the first thing she mentioned this morning (and carrying... Read more

  • Literally...Food for Thought

    The joy of opening and reading a book (whether in paper format on an electronic device) is something we all take for granted. The ability of a story or poem to transport us away momentarily to a different world where we are captivated by the author and... Read more