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  • Thursday 23rd August - Ouch, routines and bananas!

    I did a little post about our experience in our local Apple store earlier, from feedback received that sort of discrimination is common, unfortunately. When you go into an Apple store, it's almost like they have their "token" (visibly) disabled assistant,... Read more

  • You're a bit rotten, Apple person

    I could not be without my iPhone. I can blog from it, tweet, check the weather, the news, D & T can play their favourite apps on it (which is a wonderful distraction for D when sensory overload takes over and we're out). I have been known to make calls... Read more

  • Children with Additional Needs (CAN Newsletter - Berkshire

    Please see details below and attachments for this week’s news from the CAN Network. Please encourage any families who you think would benefit from receiving the information to join the CAN Network by directing them to www.wokingham.gov.uk/can-network.... Read more

  • Wednesday 22nd August - butterfly visits & sensory issues

    It's been quite a good day today, no rain, no external issues...just nice. Humorous in parts though... There's lots of little "me" things that I'm unable to do in the holidays as it would mean dragging T & D along. Manicure I can achieve by taking D with... Read more

  • Tuesday 21st August - a surprising shopping trip

    A much better day today, well...it couldn't have been worse than yesterday (well, yes it could but we won't go there). We had a trip to town, the festival comes to our town this weekend and it makes it kind of a no-go area. It does bring a lot of revenue... Read more

  • Monday 20th August - not wishing & then willing them back to school

    "Tomorrow is another day" that's my mantra for this evening. It's not that often I start my blog feeling like the day hadn't had some good, positive moments to cling on to...but tonight is one of those times. There's been about an hour of good times today... Read more

  • Sunday 19th August - sunshine & pondering

    After last night's swelter & sweat fest, it's been a gorgeous day. Bunny was due a wash today and there was probably half an hour of gentle persuasion before D would agree to it. We set the timer on my phone for when the washing machine would be finished... Read more

  • Saturday 18th August - Gold (Gold)...always believe in your so-oul!

    Another warm one and an early start for D and I as we headed off to get my nails done. I picked the earliest appointment possible as it would be less busy and for the most part, she sat in a chair near me playing "Tom & Jerry" on YouTube. Eating her snacks... Read more

  • Friday 17th August - water fun & realisations

    What a warm day! The ex-olympigs and soon-to-be-paralympigs have been very warm today. They've spent the day eating and sleeping outside their usual area...ideal world I guess. A calmer day today (in parts), T and D seemed to have got on better when they... Read more

  • Thursday 16th August - anxieties & Edward Scissorhands

    It's about this time in the summer holidays (nearly 4 weeks in) that you start to think about them going back to school and wishing the time away. September 4th.....I have mentally booked a table in Costa, with a mocha and a magazine. I am really missing... Read more